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How to Choose the Best Pillow for Your Child

Introducing a pillow into your child’s bed may seem like a pretty straightforward task but it is not.

A pillow can help your child sleep better, but it can also be the source of discomfort and sleepless nights if you do not pick the right one.

As a result, it is paramount to look at some of the guidelines for buying the right pillow for your kid.

Understand your Kid’s Allergies

The first step when buying a pillow is knowing if your child has any allergies. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent your child’s allergic reactions, and one of them is choosing the right type of pillow that are made of materials that prevent bacteria growth.

Synthetic pillows, for example, don’t usually allow moisture to disappear into the atmosphere easily, which results into a bacteria and allergens contaminated area.

Therefore, a wise decision is to avoid buying synthetic pillows that can aggravate your child allergy. Pillows made from latex are actually highly recommended, because they are resistant to allergens.

Being aware of your child’s allergies makes it easy to narrow down your options.

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Firm vs. Soft

The firmness or softness of a pillow is determined by the level of support and comfort that it can offer. The best way to test whether the pillow is soft or firm enough is by simply pressing down on the pillow.

One that does not regain its original shape is soft and may be unsafe for your child. However, it should also not be too firm to cause discomfort.

Cover Material 

For children, the outer part of the pillow needs to be made from cotton. However, find out if it is regular or organic cotton. 

Organic cotton is perfect since it lacks harmful toxins, dyes and bleaches that are normally found in the factory made the option.

If you cannot differentiate organic from regular cotton, then consider synthetic fiber or a cotton polyester blend for the pillow cover material.

Fill Material

The same way the cover material is important, you also need to consider its fill material. In fact, it is this fill that keeps your child’s head supported and comfortable.

Here, you have a huge variety of materials to work with including down, feathers, synthetic fill, foam, memory foam and buckwheat. Just ensure that the material does not make noise when the kid’s head is shifted.

Thread Count

Thread count is commonly used when it comes to the purchase of bedding. A pillow with a high thread count is silkier, comfortable and long lasting. It is also less scratchy compared one with low thread count.

Sleep Positions of your Child

Finally, it is also important to find out which sleep position your child prefers. How children position their tiny bodies in bed can really help decide which type of pillow is perfect for comfortable night sleep.

If you notice that your child likes to sleep on his/ her back, a fluffier pillow is usually the best choice because it helps keep the head and chin evenly lifted for better breathing

Getting the right pillow for your little one is important and could be the difference between life and death. Luckily, these simple guidelines will help you find the ideal pillow.

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