What is a down pillow?

What is a Down Pillow?

We all care about our faces. It is just common sense. Our lies revolve around the senses located on or around our faces. When our faces are uncomfortable, our whole body is uncomfortable.

Our faces spend the most time on our pillows, and our pillows are often the objects that we value most in our lives.

Firm, or extra soft—it doesn’t matter what your preference is, you value your pillow. It can be unsettling when you need to buy a new pillow or when you want to try a different type of pillow.

This unsettling feeling can prevent us from discovering something that could enhance our way of living.

We can conquer that feeling by gaining as much knowledge about the subject as possible. That is why we have compiled this quick guide to down pillows, so that you have the choice to revolutionize your sleeping experience by switching to down pillows.

A quick explanation

Down is the most luxurious pillow filling known to man. It is like filling your pillow with a fluffy cloud. This opulent filling is made from the feathery undercoat beneath duck or goose feathers.

The filling is made by fluffy filaments that are bound together to create air pockets, providing the softest pillow you will ever find.

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What is down filled?

When you come across a down-filled pillow, it means that the filling consists of 90% down and 10% feathers. Down insulation is determined by fill power, which is the number of cubic inches displaced by ounce. You know that your pillow is filled with proper down when the pillow is soft, lightweight and packable.

What does ‘down alternative pillow’ mean?

This means that the pillow is made from a synthetic type of down, which will not last. The best type of down to look for is Hungarian goose down, which is known to be the softest and best quality.

A real down pillow will only contain down, but cheaper down alternative pillows will be supplemented by feathers. This is popular because feathers are cheaper, but these alternatives don’t last long and the feathers tend to stick through the pillow into your face.

Is duck or goose down better?

When comparing duck and goose down, most experts in the field of bedding manufacturing would prefer goose down over duck down. This isn’t always the case, and sometimes duck down would be a better product.

Goose down provides larger clusters and comes from older birds. This produces a more resilient and versatile product.

Geese also have a less diverse diet than ducks, who will eat just about anything, so goose down has less of an odor problem than duck down.

At the end of the day, it would be a good idea to buy goose down over duck down, since it will last longer and it will more than likely be more comfortable than duck down pillows.

Down vs. feather pillows

Both materials have their advantages, but both have their place in bedding. This is due to the basic biology of a bird. Feathers are large, protective and help the bird to fly.

They are strong and have sharp quills. They are designed to repel water and aren’t very soft.

Down is usually found under the bird’s feathers and are there to keep the bird warm. They are soft and very light; instead of a quill, these little feathers have round centers called plumules.

Down is so soft because it consists of thousands of tiny fibers that spread out from the middle. Their main function is insulation and they aren’t very strong.

Feathers are good for decoration, and although feather bedding is cheaper, it isn’t very practical. The feathers’ quills easily poke through fabric and tend to scratch your skin.

Predictably, this doesn’t sit well with most customers, which means that this drastically decreases feather’s popularity as a bedding option.

Down is a much better choice for bedding since it is so soft and luxurious. Down bedding is the most popular on the market due to its durability and resilience.

This type of bedding can be quite pricey however, and this is a problem for many customers, since it many people can’t afford it.

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Advantages of down pillows

  • High quality and lasts very long. Top-shelf down pillows have been known to last for almost 15 years
  • They are soft and easy to mold. This means that you will have a pillow that has been customized to the contours of your head and neck in no time at all
  • They are very lightweight and incredibly cuddly
  • Recommended by Martha Stewart

Disadvantages of down pillows

  • Difficult to clean
  • Not very easy to clean or maintain
  • Some people are allergic to down
  • Down pillows are not cheap
  • Not firm
  • Requires a lot of fluffing

The biggest disadvantage is the fact that down pillows aren’t very animal friendly.

Down is collected in three ways: live plucking, down harvesting after slaughter for meat, or gathered from the birds while alive. None of these methods are pleasant to the animal… in fact some consider these methods inhumane.


Down bedding is warm, cuddly and lasts for a very long time. What more could you ask from bedding? It is like sleeping on a cloud, and it is the most luxurious bedding that you can find.

There are different types, but once you have a basic understanding about down pillows, it is not hard to make a choice.

While many extoll the virtues of down bedding, some are bothered by the price and their conscience, and it is up to you when it comes to making a choice.

Switching to a down pillow might be a little pricey, but doesn’t your face deserve the best? It suffers a massive amount of stress in everyday life, and what about the rest of you? Your head, neck—in fact, your entire body deserves down bedding.

Life is difficult, some reason, so why not splurge when it comes to comfort?

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