Which pillows do hotels use?

Which Pillows Do Hotels Use?

The truth is that hotels have a certain draw. It is exciting to spend a few nights away from home, and in a hotel, you are treated with the utmost care and respect. It can hard not be enamoured with a hotel stay, but eventually you will have to go home.

It doesn’t have to be a sad occasion however, because you can find the types of pillows that hotels use, and buy them for yourself. You could recreate your amazing hotel experience right at home!

Most common types of hotel pillows

Most hotels use feather and down combinations as well as down alternatives, euro style and other types of pillows. Which would suit you best?

Down pillows

Down pillows are made from the soft feathers located underneath a bird’s larger feathers. Down pillows are incredibly soft, they last long and are of the highest quality.

These pillows are usually made from goose or duck down, and have a fill power ranging from 450 to 800.

Fill power refers to how many cubic inches the down fills, so the larger the number count, the fluffier your pillow will be. The downside is that some people are allergic to down pillows and they are quite pricey.

Down alternative

These pillows are usually cheaper and more allergy friendly. The filling usually contains cotton, tweed or polyester. These pillows might be cheaper in the short term, but they don’t last nearly as long as real down pillows.

Euro pillows

These are usually more specialty and decorative pillows that something you’d sleep on. Euro pillows are large and rectangular. They are used for decoration and for propping yourself up. These aren’t always practical, but they are always stylish.

If you want to have a vacation vibe, or liked the style of the hotel that you stayed in, then you could always use euro pillows to spice up your décor.

Types of pillows used by popular hotels

It would be impossible to name all the hotels and all the types of pillows that they use, so, what we have done is found the types of pillows used by the most well-known hotels.

Most hotels follow the lead of these giants anyway, and so you will find that the pillows mentioned below will be used by the hotel you’ll be staying in, if you aren’t staying in one of these hotels.


Hilton uses three types of pillows: down, down and feather combo and a down alternative. These pillows are allergen free and easy to maintain and clean.

Down and feather combo

These pillows have a sturdy centre of mature feathers surrounded by fluffy down feathers. This creates a sturdy pillow that is luxuriously soft but also firm without getting lumpy. Down also prevents feather quills from poking you while you rest.

They come with a 100% cotton cover that can be removed and washed. They also come in various sizes ranging from double to king sized, so they should fit on your bed at home

Down pillows

Hilton uses only the best, and their down pillows boast a 600-fill level, and you’ll be sleeping on a pillow as soft as cotton candy right at home


Hilton also offers a range of alternative pillows that are cheaper and won’t be a danger to those who are allergic to down.


Marriott has a selection of pillows to choose from, namely feather and down, down, down eco alternative, euro pillows and a few decorative pillows.

  • Down—100% duck down with a soft luxe cotton cover
  • Feather and down—Allergen free and comes with a luxurious machine washable cover
  • Down eco-alternative—This pillow is a favourite for those who crave luxury but are eco-conscious. This pillow is made from recycled bottle puff balls that will have you sleeping like a baby without a guilty conscience
  • Euro pillows—These are a customer favourite, since not only so they look good, but they are so useful for propping yourself up to read or relax.
  • Decorative pillows—Marriott is known for style and elegance, and now your home can reflect that refined fashion. You can choose from 3 different types to add a little Marriott class to your home.


Sheraton boasts three types of pillows: down and feather, down, and down alternative.

Down and feather

This pillow comes in king and queen sizes and are filled with 50% feather and 50% down, and is great for stomach, side and back sleepers. They are also machine washable and made in the USA


Imagine a white down pillow with a 600-fill level wrapped in an opulent cocoon of cotton, and you have in your mind’s eye a picture of Sheraton’s finest pillow

Which Pillows Do Hotels Use hotel 2


This hotel chain is known for luxury and opulence. This type of reputation is achieved by having an eye for detail. Everything in their hotels is luxurious, including their pillows.


Their down pillow is filled with 100% white down and has a medium firmness enclosed by a white cotton cover

Down alternative

An eco-friendly design made from polyester that is machine washable and easy to maintain

Signature pillow

Their signature pillow is a down hybrid that features a triple layered design. Inner chambers filled with down, and an outer filling with a down blend. This unique design is a reflection of everything that the Ritz-Carlton stands for


Should you bring your own pillow? You could if you want to, but it would be a waste. Hotels sanitize their pillows to ensure that they are completely clean and if you’re allergic to down, most hotels have alternatives for you.

Are you missing your vacation? Why not turn your room into a permanent stay in a luxurious hotel? This will be much cheaper, and you’ll always sleep in maximum luxury. Treat yourself to a hotel-like makeover. You deserve to be treated like a million dollars year round, without having to leave your bedroom.

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